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Religious Roast Coffee Company
Artist’s Collection 

To highlight different artists and their work while combining it with a morning offering in order to increase devotion to the saints and promote different styles of beauty in the church.

Currently, Religious Roast Coffee Company’s coffee bags feature a picture of the saint drawn by some of our designers, but this collection would replace the current images with those from different Catholic artists we know. Working with the artist to create a label design which best compliments their art, we would attach a morning offering to the label as well to help our customers grow in devotion to the given saint(s). Of course, due credit would be given to the artist and their company would also be promoted on the bags so that the customers will be able to discover more pieces from their artists.

By participating in this collection, the artists will:
● Have their art featured on a coffee bag with a
morning offering and sent to customers
across the country
● Be tagged and shouted out on Religious
Roast’s Instagram and Facebook
● Receive a personal discount code of 15% off for their coffee (or mugs/apparel) purchases
from Religious Roast
And in participating, we ask our partnered artists to:
● Give us access and permission to feature your art and send us one (or more if you would like) piece you would like printed on the coffee labels (it can be of a particular saint, Mary, Jesus, a catholic image, etc. - just something you think people would want to use in their morning intercession!)
● You can help in the process of writing a morning offering, but we can handle that as
● Receive a custom discount code from Religious Roast to share with followers, friends, and family!
● Use their art to promote devotion to Jesus, Mary, and the saints every day through a simple morning offering and a cup of coffee
● Collaborate with us in the design process of
the bags in order to insure if compliments
your work
● Promote the coffee with their art on social
media or other platforms you may have

● Pray for the mission of Religious Roast

Further Information
If you have any further questions, ideas, or ways you would like to modify this proposal to best suit your needs, please contact Madeleine Sri at s​​ 

How to Participate
To participate in this collection, please fill out this form!


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