Zoom Monte Caffino | Benedictine Breakfast Blend
Zoom Monte Caffino | Benedictine Breakfast Blend
Zoom Monte Caffino | Benedictine Breakfast Blend

Monte Caffino | Benedictine Breakfast Blend

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"So, could you not stay awake with me for one hour?" (Mathew 26:40)

Have you ever wanted to start your own order but found yourself out of energy? Or perhaps you just want someone to tell you what to do and how to live but you are too impatient to listen and trust because you find yourself too tired? Well, do we have the coffee for you! The Benedictine Breakfast Blend is perfect for helping you live a life set apart from the world, whether that be by starting your own order or energetically following your abbot. either way, this blend will give you the energy boost needed to be a Saint!

Pray and work while drinking Religious Roast Coffee.

Roast: Medium

House Breakfast Blend. Smooth blend of coffee from South America

Coffee is ethically sourced and roasted on a made-to-order basis from Temecula, California. 

Monte Caffino | Benedictine Breakfast Blend



Are there any larger bags?

We are a very small business, it is just the two of us! However, as Religious Roast grows with people like you so will our options! If you are in need of larger amounts just message us in the contact page!

Is there a discount?

Price isn't good enough for you? Come over a send us a DM on instagram and lets get to know each other, who knows maybe a discount may come from a nice chat...

Can you add other Saints?

Don't see your favorite Saint? Maybe you want a great birthday or Christmas present? Send us a DM on Instagram and maybe we can help out for an awesome gift!

Why is it so good?

Pray and works, what can we say - God is just that good! Also our coffee is the top 3% of beans worldwide!


Fast shipping

The coffee isn't sitting on a self, it is made just for you! As soon as you order the coffee is made and should be at your door in no more as 5-7 days once shipped!

Order tracking

After your oder you'll receive a confirmation email once it ships and from there you can track the delicious coffee all the way to your door!

Get in touch

Join us on Instagram and Facebook! We would love to hear from you and get to know you better! Feel free to reach out anytime

About us

We are Caden & Madeleine

We founded Religious Roast with the mission of bringing prayer into normal, every day things - even the things as simple as a cup of coffee in the mornings. Through our different kinds of coffee, named after some of our favorite saints, we hope that you will be able to invite God and the intercession of that saint in your morning offering!


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