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6 Bean Blend | Dark

Early Church, Early Morning | Saints Peter & Paul Roast

Early Church, Early Morning | Saints Peter & Paul Roast

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Our directly sourced Nicaraguan coffee is rated in the top 3% of the world’s beans. Our Coffee Cooperative grow their coffee at elevations of 1,000 to 1,800 meters in the mountains outside of Managua. To keep it simple, they always say, “the higher the altitude the better the coffee.” Their arabica coffee is farmed using traditional healthier methods and the natural environment as the coffee shrubs are grown under the shade of a forest canopy. 

Brother Dominic arrived in Rome in October, but he had to wait a long time before he was given an audience with the new Pope. Just as he had on his last visit to Rome, he spent his time of waiting in the churches. And as our Lord had before, he again rewarded Dominic's patience and hope with a vision.

One night, while he prayed, Brother Dominic saw the counts of heaven. The apostle's Peter and Paul were there. As he watched, Brother Dominic saw them walk forward toward a man who was kneeling some distance away.

Saint Peter held his staff in his hand. Saint Paul carried a book.
When the two apostles came to the man who was kneeling, Saint Peter gave him his staff and said:

"Go and preach, for this is the work you have been chosen to do." Then Saint Paul gave the man his book. Brother Dominic could see that it was the New Testament. Saint Paul said clearly:

"Teach Jesus Christ and him crucified."

They left the kneeling man, and, as they walked away, Brother Dominic was startled to see that he was the man who was kneeling there! He had been off to receive the staff of a traveler. He had been the one who receive the book of the Holy Scripture.

"Preach and teach", the apostles had said. Brother Dominic rose from his knees and went to walk beneath the stars. Now it didn't matter how long he might have to wait for the formal papers to be signed. He knew beyond all doubt that he would someday go on with the work God had chosen him to do.

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Something that gets me up and going in the morning! There’s nothing like ones automatic coffee pot providing a coffee incense each day!!