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Guadalupe Life - Free Version

Guadalupe Life - Free Version

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This story was told by Father Slawomir Kostrzewa in 2015 and can be found in Polish on his YouTube channel (

Here, I will attempt to transcribe and translate the message as accurately as possible, aiming for its widest possible reach due to its content.

Father Slawomir first met the mother of the girl we will be talking about. The woman came to him with a confession request. She was someone who sincerely desired her personal conversion and made concrete efforts for it to happen.

Sometime after her confession, extraordinary things began to happen in the life of her seven-year-old daughter, Alexandra. Upon seeing what was happening, the mother approached Father Slawomir again, asking him to discern the events taking place. The objective was to determine the source of these extraordinary sensations, whether they originated from God, an evil spirit, or the daughter herself, here is the complete history. 

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