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Guatemala Coffee - Blessed Stanley Rother

Guatemala Coffee - Blessed Stanley Rother

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The Blessed Stanly Rother Coffee: A Tribute to Courage and Virtue ☕🙏

Life demands the kind of courage that Blessed Stanly Rother embodied during his inspiring mission in Guatemala. His unwavering dedication was summed up in his words, "The shepherd cannot run at the first sign of danger ... I still don't want to abandon my flock when wolves are making random attacks" In honor of his fearless spirit, we present the Blessed Stanly Rother Coffee.

🌄 Available in both Dark and Medium roast, our coffee hails from Ciudad Antigua in Guatemala, renowned as the premier coffee-growing region in the country. Nestled amidst three volcanoes and fertile conditions, these beans thrive at altitudes ranging from 2300 to 5600 feet.

It boasts a full-bodied character, elevated acidity, and intricate nutty, smoky undertones, culminating in a crisp, clean finish. Each batch is roasted daily to ensure you experience freshness with every sip!

Blessed Stanly's mission left an indelible mark in Guatemalan history, defending the people with unwavering devotion. He dedicated much of his life to this mission, ultimately sacrificing his life at the hands of the Guatemalan army on July 28, 1981, at the age of 46.

Experience the inspirational life story of Blessed Stanly through every cup of Guatemalan coffee. Just as his courage and virtue continue to inspire, let the rich notes of this coffee collection inspire your daily journey.

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